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Done New scrput switch and ini directive

Scrput switch -- Add switch (ini directive and /parameter) forcing/allowing the cursor to remain at the last position/row/col entered as a parameter to "scrput" and/or an INI directive; both would be great.

This would allow a subsequent "echo" or "scrput" command without using screen +5 0 to re-position the cursor where scrput just wrote, as well as making the next relative positioning SCRPUT /r +5 0 ... start at the new position. Without the /r parameter SCRPUT would just act as now.

The INI directive, say screenput=No, would default to NO/novalue leaving scrput actions as they currently are.

I would just use "screen" if it allowed color parameters (see separate suggestion).

Of course an absolute position (SCRPUT 15 11 ...) would have the same /r(emain) option. The /r in this example would leave the cursor in row +5 col. 0 after performing the "SCRPUT" actions. Example: SCRPUT /r +5 0 Bri Red on Whi useful text.

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