How to? Monitor shutdown event and write registry value

Oct 7, 2009

Fairly new TCC user here. I open a TCC window on login. It runs TCSTART.BTM and I'd like to set a background monitor going to watch for the OS shutdown event, and on that event write something to the registry.

Is there a way to do this, even if the TCC window gets closed and re-opened during my OS session?
The ON command seemed like it might work, but it appears to need the script running the whole time.
The PROCESSMONITOR command seems interesting, since it creates a thread to watch for the event (I could watch for a core Windows process to shut down, for instance), but I'm not sure if the background thread stays around even if TCC is closed ... I'm guessing not.

Maybe I could start a background TCC window via DETACH to watch for the event?

Thanks for the help...

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