Key Strokes in TCMD 8 und TC 13

Oct 11, 2011
I am still using TCMD 8, but I intend to move to TC 13.

Since I am used to the TCMD 8 key strokes, I would like to have them in TC 13. In particular:

ctrl-up or shift-up: Recall the previous command from the history
ctrl-down or shift-down: Recall the previous command from the history

Can anybody help me how to achieve this?

You can define your history keys by adding directives to the [4NT] section of your .INI file:


I don't know about the scrolling part, though. Scrolling a console window is a different beast than the old, GUI Take Command, and I think Rex implemented it in a different way. I don't know whether he added any provision for remapping those keys.
I deliberately did not allow remapping the scrolling keys (Alt-Up / Alt-Down / Alt-PgUp / Alt-PgDn) in Take Command v9 & later (for internal structure reasons). You can still remap history commands to use the control or shift keys. (Though I'm not sure why this is easier than just using the default Up / Down / PgUp / PgDn keys.)

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