Is the file corrupted?

Apr 7, 2010
I've downloaded the the plugin sdk archive 3 times. Windows will not extract all the contents. It fails with Unspecified Error. WinRAR also fails to extract it and reports that the file is corrupt. I ran checkdisk on my hard drive and it reported no errors. Just in case, I'm running a surface test now. Is anyone else having a problem with the file?

The sdk I downloaded is at URL
This is what 7-Zip's Test function says:

I get errors on the same files with TCC22's built-in UNZIP.
c:\users\vefatica\desktop> unzip unzipped\
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\Commands
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\Command_Variables
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\DelphiDemo.dpr
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\Internal_Variables
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\PlugIn.cpp
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\plugin.def
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\PlugIn.h
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\PlugIn.ico
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\PlugIn.rc
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\PlugIn.vcxproj
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\PlugIn_2015.sln
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\plugin_2015.vcxproj
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\PlugIn_2017.sln
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\plugin_2017.vcxproj
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\Resource.h
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\small.ico
TCC: Error in archive C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\ :
  Wrong local header signature.TakeCmd.h
TCC: Error in archive C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\ :
  Wrong local header signature.TakeCmd32.lib
TCC: Error in archive C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\ :
  Wrong local header signature.TakeCmd64.lib
=> C:\Users\vefatica\Desktop\unzipped\Variable_Functions

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