Have TCMD/TCC support registered version of V

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Does it not work now? I wonder ... what if the V.EXE in TCMD's home directory were a link to a registered version?
Good one @vefatica !

from the;
C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD28
...folder, I did;
mklink v.exe "c:\program files\v64\v.exe"
...and then closed Take Command down.

I restarted Take Command, and then from the Take Command menu, I did Tools -> View, which presented the file dialog.

I selected a file, and, once View opened, I checked Help, and it is now indeed using my registered version.

Next, I did an unalias for my v alias, and my view alias. (No more aliases for my registered version of V)

Note well, even though;
e:\utils>which /a view
view is an internal command
says that view is an internal command, it is still using my registered version of V.


Forgot to mention, I renamed the v.exe in the TCMD folder;
c:\program files\jpsoft\tcmd28>dir v.exe*

 Volume in drive C is unlabeled    Serial number is acb2:6a48
 Directory of  C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD28\v.exe*

2021-08-02  11:59     <SYMLINK>    v.exe [c:\program files\v64\v.exe]
2021-06-10  23:19       3,996,896  v.exe.jpsoft

That way, I am sure of using only my registered version.

Nov 2, 2008
I use a pointer file to load v through registry (using apppath and a fake name). When the apppath is loaded, it loads the correct version of v. Part of the installation is to reactivate v after a tcmd update.

The pointer file is a copy of write.exe, called v.exe, modified to load some name like zviewer.exe, A backup of v.exe is held.

The apppath for zviewer.exe points to where-ever v.exe is installed.

The v application can be kept off path, while a copy of v is kept in the tcmd directory, and in some pathed directory. You can then start v from either location, either under tcmd or via a cmd prompt.

The same issue exists with everything. The WSCC program looks after the Sysintern utilities, the Nirsoft utilities and a few others. While it is designed to be portable, you can redirect various shortcuts and links through these utilities. WSCC also looks after everything, so i simply run it from there.
After doing an update of TCMD, my registered version of v.exe was indeed clobbered, that is;
C:\Program Files\V64\v.exe
was deleted.

The v.exe SYMLINK that I have in C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD28 is still there, so the TCMD installer followed the SYMLINK, and deleted the;
C:\Program Files\V64\v.exe

I do remember a dialog popping up during the TCMD upgrade, saying that the installer did not have sufficient rights to C:\Program Files\V64\v.exe

It would seem the installer had sufficient rights to delete C:\Program Files\V64\v.exe but did not have sufficient rights to replace C:\Program Files\V64\v.exe

After running the v16-x64.exe installer, everything is back to the way it was, and TCMD/TCC is using my registered version of v.exe again.

All is well.

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