Fixed Functionality broken with v54

Echoes all filenames matching the regex. Interpreting the regex gives us...
  1. start filename - ^
  2. two numbers 20 - 20
  3. ten digits - \d{10,10}
  4. any number of any characters - .*
  5. any character - .
  6. three letters dat - dat
  7. end filename - $
Doesn't appear to have any double dots in it for the TCC parser to read incorrectly. I'm on my tablet so can't try it.
Something changed. REs seem quite broken. For example,
dir "::jibberish"
gives me "147,019,313 bytes in 132 files and 13 dirs" and none of the names contain a match.

With the same command in the same place, TC13 tells me there are no files.
Still not fixed!

Given the following two files:


for %i in ("::^20\d{10,10}.*.dat$") echo [%i]

only displays


Before v54 it would display both files.

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