Fixed console line length in Take Command 19?

May 19, 2016

I just registered Take Command 19 and there is one thing I can not find out how to achieve. The console panel seems to always word wrap program outputs, but I would like to have a horizontal scroll bar instead. In other words, how can I set up the console panel for a fixed line length (say 500 characters) so the automatic word wrapping does not happen for lines shorter than of that length?

Please don't say that is not supported! :-)

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Leif Erik


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May 14, 2008
Windows restricts the size of a console window to the maximum size that will fit on screen, which (unless you're using a 4K monitor) is unlikely to be anywhere near 500 characters.

Take Command resizes the hidden console window to match the current width of the Take Command window (because everybody else *doesn't* want a horizontal scrollbar!). The only times you'll get a horizontal scrollbar in TCMD is when you resize the TCMD window to < 80 columns, or you have splitter windows.
You can have a horizontal scrollbar if you run the TCC console outside Take Command — but then you don't have the advantages of the tabbed windows.
I use a few alternatives within tabbed windows:
- I pipe the output to my text editor (an alias where TEE writes a temporary file later opened by the editor) (of course piping must be decided in advance, or I have to reissue the command)
- I select all, then edit clip: (TCC's clipboard) and the editor runs a script that joins the wrapped lines (handled through a BTM wrapper for the text editor)
May 19, 2016
Take Command resizes the hidden console window to match the current width of the Take Command window (because everybody else *doesn't* want a horizontal scrollbar!).

Well, the Take Command GUI could have provided us with a user option to set the width of the hidden console. Lke in the plain Windows Console, which has an option to let me specify the width of the screen buffer and show a horizontal scrollbar if the screen buffer width is wider than the console window. I guess there are too few Take Command users that needs this, - or maybe it is too difficult to implement in a good way? Anyway, I still miss it very much. And thank you for the reply.
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