Does TakeCommand support projects?

Jan 28, 2013
I am started evaluating your product, but just cannot find function i want to have:
Almost all other IDEs support grouping of files, that do one job, in a project.
Does TakeCommand support of batch file projects? Sure there is no standard for project files containing DOS/Win batch files, but you can invent your own format...

Btw, I am using RunningSteps (from SteppingSoftware) as batch file debugger, and it supports/creates *.bproj files (in XML format) that contains all settings for a project - what files are belonging to it, what file is the main one (which file should be started at debugging session start), etc.
Take Command does not have batch file projects, because nobody has ever asked for it before. You can post a suggestion by clicking on the "feedback" button (left side of the forum pages); if it attracts support from other users it has a good chance of being implemented.

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