Debugger Bat file call history

Jun 11, 2018
In the debugger is there a way to see the batch files that were called to get me to the batch file I am in?

When I terminate a debugging run I have trouble getting back to the first batch file to run again.
Jun 11, 2018
I am getting a lot of strange behaviour. If I open a bat file in the debugger sometimes it does not show up as a tab. If I go to the windows it is there and marked as active. If I then select it it shows up.

Also the debugger seems to get confused sometimes as to what batch file I am in. It also hangs a lot. Another issue is it stops outputting to the dos window.

I am running in Windows 10 on a multi monitor system.
Jun 11, 2018
Now I have a batch file that hangs like mention in previous post on the first line even if I run it directly, not being called by another bat. The first line is a "del" command.
Jun 11, 2018
Just figured out the hang problem. The del command was looking for confirmation even though the /q option was being used.

Also seems to work correctly if you turn on CMD syntax but it is a pain that you have top do it every time you come up.
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Jun 11, 2018
I found a workaround to some of my issues. If I create a environment variable say BATCALL and I can set it to either call for normal calling or "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD22\ide.exe" for debugging. This brings up each call in ide.exe so you have a debug window for each level. It is a hack but you can see where you came from and where you going back to.
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