Custom prompt - pretty easy to modify.

Sep 1, 2008
It might be too noisy for some, but here's some custom prompt code that helps show OS/Host/Git Context/Error level/Subshell Depth.

Preview with commands to display the status bits

In tcstart.btm
library /r %ROOT\library prompt %%@execstr[BuildPrompt %%?]

Library Code:
BuildPrompt { @echo off setlocal set LASTEXITCODE=%1 set CYAN=$e[36;1;44m set WHITE=$e[m$e[97;44m set GREEN=$e[32;1;44m set RED=$e[1;91;44m set YELLOW=$e[1;93;44m set HOST=%[HOSTNAME] rem in case no default already set iff %HOST == "" then set HOST=%@lower[%_winname] endiff iff %_elevated then rem Mark in red since we a sudo/root set HOST=%[RED]%[HOST] endiff set EXITSTATUS= iff %[LASTEXITCODE] then rem Show the return status in red if last command failed set EXITSTATUS= %[RED](%[LASTEXITCODE]) endiff set SUBSHELL= iff %[_SHELL] then rem If not the main shell, show shell depth in yellow set SUBSHELL= %[YELLOW](%%[_SHELL]) endiff rem Uh...There's got to be a better way. Show relevent git repo in green set GITREPO=`[%@name[%@execstr[git config --get remote.origin.url 2>nul:]]` set GITBRANCH=`%@execstr[git branch --show-current 2>nul:]]` set GITINFO=%[GREEN]%[GITREPO]/%[GITBRANCH] rem UNAME is set to 'Windows', Because with WSL 'hostname' isn't quite enough anymore set OSHOST=%[CYAN][%OS/%HOST] rem current date and time set DATETIME=%[WHITE]$d, $T echo %[OSHOST] %[DATETIME]%[SUBSHELL]%[EXITSTATUS]$_%[GITINFO] %[WHITE]$~\ endlocal }
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