Corruption from FFIND?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I issue:
ffind /e"." /m /s c:\windows\system32\*.log

The first few files returned are OK.

But then it finds

That's a rather odd file, being a mixture of binary, ASCII, and Unicode. The one (?) line printed goes on for, apparently, a little more that 4096 characters.

The next file found has this name:

The rest of the files found have similarly corrupted named. When I get back to the prompt, the prompt itself is corrupted, as well as much other output.
This is probably the same thing you've reported before - you've got an ANSI sequence in one of your binary files.
I can understand that corrupting my prompt. But how would it corrupt other output, like that (last pic above) of SET and WHICH?
Probably because you're changing the character set (ESC N or ESC O). See your numerous previous messages on the same subject.

Indeed! After things are fouled up, I can set it straight again with
echo ^e(B
Ah HA!

Something similar happened to me a few weeks back, but I didn't remember the details of what I had done so I couldn't reproduce it. It didn't happen again, so, while mystifying, it fell "off my radar."

Mystery solved!

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