CompletePercents oddity

Sep 24, 2013

TCC  20.11.40 x64   Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]


 Volume in drive C is TI106230W0C    Serial number is 68d7:a1a2
 Directory of  C:\X\BUG\*

 2/28/2017   0:23         <DIR>    .
 2/28/2017   0:23         <DIR>    ..
 2/28/2017   0:11           8,587  CBS%20Radio%20Mystery%20Theater%2074-01-18%20e0013%20A%20Ring%20of%20Roses.mp3
               8,587 bytes in 1 file and 2 dirs    12,288 bytes allocated
     349,547,683,840 bytes free
At this point, typing "dir <tab>" results in:
[c:\x\bug]dir "CBS%%20Radio%%20Mystery%20Theater%2074-01-18%20e0013%20A%20Ring%20of%20Roses.mp3%%%%%%%"
The correct number of percent signs have been inserted, but only the first two are in the correct location.

FWIW, I have also seen it position the misplaced percent signs at the beginning of the expanded name rather than at the end.

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