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Charles Dye's RegTweaks.btm


This is the file that you created back in 2010-03-03 that allows setting various registry setting - more than just a combining the BTM files in the JPSoft install folders. Your's works except that I have two mods I can't seem to figure out. They are as follows:

rem CSG: 2. INI files for TCC/TCMD are in D:\TakeCommand\INI, TCC_v10.ini and TCMD_v12.ini for example
rem CSG: 3. BTM. CMD, BAT editor and printer is C:\Program Files\Multi-Edit 2008\Mew32.exe (Print is Ctrl KP)

I have figured out how to set a general backup folder, C:\Batch\BACKUP\ in my case.

Sicne you created the file I assume it would be no trouble for you to make the necessary mods.


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I don't understand your #2; that batch file doesn't do anything to or with your .INI file.

Regarding printing, if there is no shell "Print" verb for .BTM files, it's supposed to just copy the one for .BAT files; is it not doing that for you?
regarding my #2, I know it doesn't do anything with INI files. I just call TCMD and TCC like the following:

"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD13\tcmd.exe" /@D:\TakeCommand\INIs\TCMD_v13.ini
"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD13\tcc.exe" /@D:\TakeCommand\INIs\TCC_v13.ini

so I would like to have the calls to TCC/TCMD include the INI files involved.

regarding #3, around line 271 I find this:

rem Ensure that .BTM files have a Print verb:
iff "%@regquery[HKCR\btmfile\shell\print\command\]" == "-1" then
iff "%reg" ne "" .and. "%@regquery[HKCR\batfile\shell\print\command\]" ne "-1" then
reg.exe copy HKCR\batfile\shell\print\command HKCR\btmfile\shell\print\command /f > nul
regcreate "HKCR\btmfile\shell\print\command"
regsetstr "HKCR\btmfile\shell\print\command\" "%notepad" /p "{percent}1"
regsetstr "HKCR\btmfile\shell\print\" &Print
so I am not sure how to get Mew32 and the Ctrl-KP hotkey. It can also be called more simply with

mew32.exe /r print^printwindow
I'm attaching a modified version which inserts some extra arguments before the shell's /C or /K startup switch; search for EXTRAARGS to see how that works.

Regarding printing, what you need is not the key sequence to do it from within the editor, but the editor's command-line option to print a file. For Notepad it's /P. If your editor doesn't offer a way of printing files from the command line, then let Notepad handle the printing.


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Thank you for the posting of the revised file; Is there a web location I can check with TCMD to see if I have the latest?
I have the edits for printing and editing with Mew32 added. Not tested yet but fairly confident. I see what you have done with EXTRAARGS but in my case it's not always the value you have. If it's TCC being called then it's always TCC_v%[_4ver].ini and if it's TCMD being called then it's TCMD_v%[_4ver].ini. If it's both then it's

set extraargs=/@D:\TakeCommand\INIs\TCC_v%[_4ver].ini
"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD13\tcmd.exe" /@D:\TakeCommand\INIs\TCMD_v13.ini
"C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD13\tcc.exe" /@D:\TakeCommand\INIs\TCC_v13.ini

I guess I am not sure if there is any place in the BTM where both would be called, and if so - how I would handle that please?
The batch file sets up registry associations for whatever shell it's running in. That means TCC or TCC/LE, unless you're running something very old -- 4NT or Take Command v8 or earlier.

If you really intend to use it with something so old, you can use internal variable like %_CMDPROC, or the environment variables SHELL and SHORTSHELL, when you define EXTRAARGS.
I have modified the file - importing your suggestions. Have attached it here.

rem ===================================================================
rem CSG: 1. Backup folder is C:\Batch\BACKUPS (done)
rem CSG: 2. INI files for TCC/TCMD are in D:\TakeCommand\INIs, TCC_v10.ini and TCMD_v12.ini for example
rem CSG: 3. BTM. CMD, BAT editor and printer is C:\Program Files\Multi-Edit 2008\Mew32.exe (Print is Ctrl KP)
rem CSG: 4. currently Notepad is used to modify, print BAT files - needs mod for %JpsoftEdit%
rem CSG: 5. Not sure if TCMD v8 would be called with /@D:\TakeCommand\INIs\TCMD_v8.INI



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