CD exact match

Before Everything, I believe that if I did "CD api" and there was a directory named "api", TCC changed to that directory. Now, I get a popup listing all the directories that have "api" anywhere in their name. Is there a way to get the old behavior back without disabling Everything for directory searches?

I often do "ffind /s foo". How do you do this with Everything from the command line, i.e., search for files in the current directory and its subdirectories? I've looked at the Everything Help, but the syntax isn't jumping out at me.

TCC 18.00.29 Windows Vista [Version 6.0.6002]
To the second question ... Everything simply keeps a list of fully qualified file names. That list has no structure and Everything has little idea of what's inside what. I think the following is equivalent to your example;

everything "regex:^^%@replace[\,\\,%_cwds] file:wfn:foo"

That is, return list items that meet two criteria:
1. the fully qualified name starts with _CWDS
2. the object is a file whose complete name is "foo"

Here are a few working examples.
h:\work> everything "regex:^^%@replace[\,\\,%_cwds] file:wfn:xcode"

h:\work> everything "regex:^^%@replace[\,\\,%_cwds]"

h:\work> everything "regex:^^%@replace[\,\\,%_cwds] file:xcode"

h:\work> everything "regex:^^%@replace[\,\\,%_cwds] file:xcode*"
It seems OK here. Are you quoting the search string? If you don't, everything after the first space is disregarded.
h:\work> everything "%_cwds xcode"
If I don't use quotes, then I get files containing either string. Using quotes seems contrary to what it says at
That page is about searching in the Everything search window.

I don't know exactly what TCC is doing. When I say
and watch with a debugger, TCC calls Everything_SetSearchW, all the foo's are returned, TCC calls Everything_SetSearchW again, and all the bar's are returned.
In contrast, when I say
EVERYTHING "foo bar"
Everything_SetSearchW is called only once and the foo's and bar's are returned all mixed together.
If you want to use the full-blown Everything syntax (where <space> means "AND") I think you'll need to quote the entire search string to make sure everything gets it intact.