Can't install updates to TCMD x64

Jun 16, 2008
Santa Cruz, CA USA
I'm running 18.00.29 64-bit. All updates since then have failed. Attached is the latest log. Windows 7.


  • MSIA9E7.LOG.txt
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The log file is showing that Windows Installer had an internal error (with no more details than that).

Try downloading the MSI installer at:

Run that installer and let me know if it behaves any differently.
Basically the same result.


  • MSI217ed.LOG.txt
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Not surprising, given that it's a Windows Installer internal error -- changing TCMD versions wouldn't affect that.

If you have any antivirus / antimalware apps running, you might try disabling them during the install.

What version of Windows are you running?
I tried disabling Malwarebytes and Kaspersky Pure , one a a time and both at the same time, with no change. This is Windows 7. My laptop, running Windows 10, updated with no problems. I can't upgrade the desktop to Windows 10 - the install always fails with an unknown error. I've installed lots of other things, though.

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