How to? An admittedly somewhat silly question regarding elevation...

May 24, 2010
Northlake, Il
First, just to formally (re-)state some information so that the context is clear: I am somewhat incompetent because of (formally medically diagnosed) very bad memory. I am also somewhat blind and therefore quite dependent on large fonts and/or the native Windows "Magnifier" application. Because of the immediately previous, I almost never use the Windows GUI. However, there are a very few circumstances where I am pretty much forced to use the GUI; and there is one of them that came up quite often (I implemented the "cure" I am going to ask about a couple of days ago so I no longer remember exactly what prompted me to do it; bad memory as fairly is typical) where in whatever situation that was I was always getting the "Are you sure you want to allow xxx to run in Administrative mode?" prompt (I don't remember its exact wording because I haven't seen it for a couple of days and my usual bad memory) which was quite annoying so I implemented a "cure" that has the side-effect that I am now asking if anyone can think of another "cure" for without me having to log off and back on again every time this happens.

So, background #2, because of my incompetence I don't want to generally run in Administrative mode (other than the GUI which I use very little and really pretty only in the context of doing "safe" things); I generally want to see the "are you sure you want to do this?" Administrative prompt to make sure that I really want do whatever it is rather than my having made a stupid mistake I will later regret. (In truth, in the past I kept one "Administrative Take Command/TCC session open at all times but tried to avoid using it except for when I really needed it.)

So as a result of the first item above I wrote a (very) simple .btm file to "kill" Explorer (using "PSKill" from what was formerly System Internals now a part of Microsoft) and restart it in Administrative mode, and the GUI "elevation" issue is, of course, now totally gone. However, every program I start from the GUI now runs in Administrative mode which I find basically unacceptable because of the "danger" of always being in Administrative mode. (The primary situation is when I want to start a "new" non-Administrative Take Command/TCC session because my last started non-Administrative Take Command/TCC question closed for whatever (sometimes stupid I will fully admit) reason.)

So, now that I am done with the long "introduction" to what is really a very short question: is there any way to start a non-Administrative Take Command/TCC session when there are no non-Administrative tasks running in the system? I tend to think that the answer is "No", but it doesn't hurt (much, at any rate ;)) to ask...

- Dan

you could create a normal user-account and use "runas" to start TC/TCC (with runas you have to provide the password).
There is also an useful utility called CPAU (Create Process As User), have a look at (with cpau you can define the password as a parameter).