activate /max fortnite

Mar 6, 2019
Does anyone have fortnite installed? I can get a btm file to launch it, but i can't activate /max fortnite it doesn't seem to recognize the window title? i'm actually trying to get it to maximize on monitor 1 of 2 maximized.

is there a list window titles feature?
Use %[_STARTPID] in ACTIVATE. That is, unless the program forks multiple times, like many launchers do.
I ended up using wildcards with activate.. that worked.. still can't get it to start on window 1 though :(

it does branch off.
Since FN resizes on me at the prematch screens, i have this btm file execute the command to maximize it..
through testing i figured that there are two spaces in the title after the word fortnite.

@echo off
IF iswindow "Fortnite " echo "FN detected"
if iswindow "Fortnite " activate "Fortnite " max
if iswindow "Fortnite " delay 20
if iswindow "Fortnite " goto start

echo "fn Not detected"
echo end

Is there a command to move an already launched screen to monitor=1 ? I've looked through the help file and the only think i see is start.. and that's for starting (which doesn't work because the launcher branches out i guess)
UPDate: i was able to use keystack and the windows key combo to sh ift it to the other monitor (shift-win-left arrow)

i'm one happy camper right now lol