1. Alpengreis

    UTF-8 problem in TCC related to Python

    Hello I have the following test-script in Python, encoded in UTF-8: # encoding: utf-8 # Set the console codepage for this script to UTF-8 # Shouldn't be necessary through the 1st line: #encoding: utf-8 #os.system('chcp 65001') print("jö, jä, jü") print(u"jö, jä, jü") After I open the...
  2. fpefpe

    Documentation Python Examples

    Hello -- I think I am missing something getting python support to work -- are there any examples out there? may the classic "hello world" ? Thanks
  3. fpefpe

    Documentation Python support

    Hello -- Has there been any thought of not using the active state version of python? -- It seems that TCC is "bound" to a specific version of the python release -- Once active state moves to the next release, its impossible to find older version? Does anyone know were to find...
  4. J

    Python: TCC command line parsing removes '=' equal sign characters

    When I use an equals signs in a command line parameter to a python script it use the equal sign as white space. import sys print("arg count=%u" %len(sys.argv)) print("sys.argv[0]=%s" %sys.argv[0]) print("sys.argv[1]=%s" %sys.argv[1]) if len(sys.argv) >= 3: print("sys.argv[2]=%s"...