1. Alpengreis

    Installation (v29): License screen "problem" in german language ...

    There is a small "problem" while installation dialogue for the license screen for german version: It does truncate the first line before you "activate" the window ... ... after it looks good ...
  2. R

    Done System variable with TCC folder path

    Have the installer create a system variable with the TCC folder path so other programs that require a full path can access it without the full path being hard coded, just %TCC_Dir%\tcc.exe (I do realize I can create one myself, but then it's "not standard".) (I've just started doing a little...
  3. Alpengreis

    Installer: text is still truncated in german language

    Hello The text in ... is still truncated as you can see ... This is a screenshot from older thread but it's still the case in latest build (46) of v21 ... No big deal but it would be better if this would not happen ... Kind regards, Alpengreis
  4. fpefpe

    How to? Single installer?

    Greetings -- the info for v20 notes a single installer .... I have 32bit plugings, so I use the 32bit version of tcmd on my win7 64bit os -- will I still be able to install the 32bit version?
  5. Alpengreis

    Small things to change in installer and after installed Everything

    1) Installer shows this while german install (reported already earlier but here too, because it's a summary): As you can see is the text truncated. EDIT: Fixed since version v19.10.51, thanks! 2) Installer shows this while german install: Text should be translated. 3) Installer shows...