1. Alpengreis

    Done Preserves directory attributes for COPYDIR & COPY

    Based on the thread Copy DIRs with attributes ... it would be cool to add this for the internal commands COPYDIR & COPY for the possibility to preserve directory attributes while copy process.
  2. Alpengreis

    How to? Copy DIRs with attributes ...

    I have the following scenario: As you can see, the Directories have attributes too. I have no problem to copy the whole structure with external xcopy or robocopy ... xcopy d:\_Tests\Test-DIR-Structure-for-BAK-CHK v:\_Temp\test /e /h /k robocopy d:\_Tests\Test-DIR-Structure-for-BAK-CHK...
  3. fpefpe

    How to? copy / exclude

    Hello -- is there an option to exclude file/folder using a copy /s command?
  4. mdwyer

    TCC 13 COPY: specified network name is no longer available.

    I have a puzzling error which occurs with Take Command v13 using copy command. I do not think this is a TCC error, but thought I would ask in case there was an issue with v13 that I am not aware of. Trying to COPY many directories using /UF switch from a new WD NAS to a W2008R2 server. It...